This is your (Module Name) Examination – June 2022

Scheduled on Saturday 11th June  from 10:00am to 10:00pm BST. 

Candidates must submit their work within 12 hours from the published examination commencement time; late submissions will not be accepted

  1. Please write/type your answers in a single file, clearly noting the question number to which the answer refers. Upload your answer file to the TurnItIn link below. 
  2. Include simple in-text references (APA style in-text citations author/date), but do not include footnotes, bibliographies or reference list at the end.
  3. Please remember to save and backup your work (on a USB drive) frequently.
  4. All examinations will be marked anonymously; do not put your name or student number on the answer file.
  5. Students with a GF reference should note it on their answer file.
  6. Unless otherwise specified all exam answers must be submitted through TurnItIn on a .doc or .docx file. It is your responsibility to check for and keep the TurnItIn digital receipt; this is evidence of your submission in case of query.
  7. You must allow sufficient time for TurnItIn to process your submission; to avoid any potential delay it is recommended that you start the upload process at least 30 minutes before the submission portal closes.
  8. By completing and submitting your exam answers you are agreeing that you have read the University of Buckingham’s Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedures | University of Buckingham and that your submitted work complies with Regulations, does not contain any plagiarised material and is entirely your own work.