MSc programme in Money, Banking and Central Banking 

  1. It is not the role of the Directors of the Programme to come up with a topic, although they  can provide advice on the topic and approach. 

  1. Length: 7,000-9,000 words in length, not including annexes or references. A +/- 10% above or below this range will be allowed at no penalty. Any excess over 10% will be penalised (- 20% will be deducted off your mark).  

  1. You should submit your dissertation project by the end of the Spring term so you can start the dissertation in the summer term 

  1. Upon receival of your proposals, the Directors of the programme (Dr Juan Castaneda and Dr Ali Kabiri) will then seek to find an appropriate Supervisor.  

  1. The submission date is the last Friday of the Summer Term for those students who started in September and the last Friday in the Autumn term for those who started in January. Submission will be made only via Moodle. 

  1. Further guidance on the Dissertation will be provided in a seminar on this topic.